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Crime-Pics II is a widely used, fully validated questionnaire (c. M&A Research) for examining, and detecting changes in, offenders' attitudes to offending. It has been used for many years by academics and by a variety of public, private and voluntary sector organisations, including the prison and probation services in the UK, to evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitative programmes and other interventions with offenders. It is now used in many international locations across Europe, Australasia, China and the Indian subcontinent.

Examples of studies and evaluations which have used Crime-Pics II are available here.


Direct download of soft copies of the CRIME-PICS II Manual and Questionnaries is now available, as is direct download of soft copies of the CRIAQ Manual and Questionnaires. Please see Ordering and Prices. Please enquire for details of costs of hard copies for a minimum order of 100 questionnaires.

We have developed a new form of CRIME-PICS II that is suitable for populations with no known offending history. It may be used for secondary school age children as well as adults. Please enquire for further details.

Our email contact has changed, please direct all orders to David Mueller, For any queries concerning the use of CRIME-PICS II or CRIAQ please contact Professor Terry Honess,

A recent analysis of data from the Chinese version of Crime-Pics II, undertaken by Professor Wing Hong Chui and colleagues of the City University of Hong Kong, has found that it has good internal consistency and test–retest reliability, as well as evidence of construct, concurrent, discriminant, and predictive validity. They conclude that the instrument has "great potential utility in the context of the Chinese criminal justice system".


M&A also produce CRIAQ, a questionnaire for measuring impulsivity and aggression.

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For purchase and general enquiries: (Mr David Mueller)

For enquiries about the use of CRIME-PICS II and CRIAQ materials: (Professor T.M. Honess)